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Michael Levine

Real Estate Attorney


Real estate in Israel is complex. Lack of expertise can turn a smooth deal into an expensive nightmare and can jeopardize the buyer’s or seller’s most significant assets. There are considerations unique to both buying and selling real estate, such as negotiating a contract that protects your interests, minimizing tax exposure and the risk of legal conflict in the future.

Adv. Michael (“Mickey”) Levine is an expert in Israeli real estate law. His expertise and professional responsibility enable his clients to be comfortable going into even the most complex real estate transaction. From your initial conversation with Adv. Levine, and throughout the entire process, you will feel assured that you are in good hands.

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Adv. Levine offers services which highly benefit the English-speaking population, such as translated summaries of contracts and correspondence in English. Additionally, he is well versed in the legal issues which pertain to foreign residents and new immigrants (“Olim”).


The areas of expertise include:

Acquisitions and sales of residential and commercial properties, tax planning, development and construction, joint venture investments, buyers’ groups, shared housing, urban renewal (including Tama 38), lease agreements, obtaining compensation for breach of contract, building defects, etc.

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